Monthly Training Grant Breakfasts

Selected Thursdays at 9:00 AM (unless otherwise noted)

January 16, 2020

Topic: It’s 2020 and the future is now, but what is the future of academic training? We may not have flying cars, but we do have AI in our homes, pockets, and on our wrists. We have virtual reality, regenerative medicine, deep-fake video technology, tiny sensors on wild animals and inside humans, and more sci-fi in real life. The future is now… So, how can and should we update graduate and postdoctoral training?

Group discussion

February 13, 2020- CANCELLED- we will reschedule- please check back for updates

Title: “Timing of maternal immunity”

Speaker: Ana Bento, School of Public Health, Indiana University

March 12, 2020

Title: “Genetic regulation and evolution of a sex-biased feeding polyphenism in nematodes”

Speaker: Erik Ragsdale, Department of Biology, Indiana University

April 9, 2020

Topic: Trainee panel on Individualized Development Plans. A time for reflection to help trainees reach short- and long-term goals. Trainees only. No faculty.

Led by: Laura Hurley

May 7, 2020

Title: “TBD”

Speaker: TBD

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